cant hook 7

Cant Hook Loggers/Sawmillers Tool

This is my version of the traditional cant hook, a tool to assist loggers, wood cutters and sawmillers to roll and manouver felled logs.

My version is designed to use with larger diameter logs. The hook is forged from 32x12mm bar, with a heavy duty point, that can be struck with the flat of an axe or splitter, if needed.

The socket is fabricated from 75x50mm rectangular tube, allowing a heavy duty handle  2 metres or more, in length to be fitted. This enables replacement handles to be easily shaped from a standard 75x45mm hardwood stud.

I also make a smaller socketed Cant Hook from a 50×50 tube. This features the same heavy duty hook but is a little lighter to handle.

The cant hook is supplied with a handle a little over a metre in length, allowing it to be posted Australia wide.

If you are interested in purchasing a cant hook contact me here with your details.
Cost is $160 plus delivery charge (Australia Post insured parcel with tracking). Payment can be made by Paypal or bank deposit.

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