‘Tis the season… for fire tools

Winter has arrived in this part of the world and while here in the antipodes that doesn’t mean festivites it does mean wood fires in the cooler parts. It also means fire tools, in all their variations, are in demand.

I have just completed the first batch of orders for pokers and poker, shovel sets.  They are fun to make and look good next to your wood heater or open fire.

Fire Set

My pokers have a forge welded ‘reverse point’ making a handy hook to help manouver those uncooperative logs into position. The pans of the shovels are formed from a single sheet of 3mm steel, sturdy enough to shovel hot coals as well as cleaning up ash.

It is nice to get feedback. Here’s some recent satisfied customers.

“…the poker arrived in time for my move and first fire in my new home. It is perfect…!”

“Best looking tools in the business! Thankyou! They are elegant and a joy to use…”

“…I collected them from the post office today. Thank you so much! I just love them, really happy.”

Please contact me if you would like to make an enquiry or place an order.

          Fire Poker


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